MapBox module


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We are working on MapBox integration. Please send us suggestion on features for this module.
@appyet It's beautiful! :)

I have not read MapBox website, what you can put, but you could see if you can add the zoom in / out buttons? It would be good to put them in the title bar on the right.

Thanks, you're the best :)
From what I can see from Mapbox, they only let you show the map and mark on the map. What kind of features is available? Instead of loading the apk with codes, we can use web module to show google map with location permission and it's more control. I'm not sure what we can custom for mapbox. Can we mark locations, show direction, do google street view, search for services around us?



It would be nice if one could add some text at the top to explain what is shown on the map and its significance.

Thank You.