LATEST: AppYet v4.1.26 Released


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you can activate it in your feed settings you'll find this: "Open in Default Browser" just turn it on and also you can force the button to open in an external browser using the extra html header.

I will be appreciate it and will be much thankful to you, If you give me this extra html header to force the button to open in an external browser


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I have the same problem. Did u use appyet ads.txt? Because they sent to my email . Used the 3 they sent , and stilll my ads are not showing. Only showing apyet ads
Yes. then i just reply Appyet email after i fix my app-ads.txt. And i was waiting for more than 48h to restore my ads serving.


Greetings dear @appyet, I would like to recommend some functions that I think are indispensable.

1. I think one of the things that the applications created by appyet do not grow quickly or not, is because of the lack of a native application share button from the application.

2. Another thing is because it lacks an alert for users that every so often or at a certain time, an alert will appear inviting them to give the application stars in google play, for no one it is a mystery that the more star it has A more download application will have, then it is very complicated, BUT VERY COMPLICATED, that users give it 5 stars, there is a platform called Appcreator that has this function, that every 2 or 3 starts, it gets an alert to invite you to give it a star in the google play.

3. Something that I have also noticed is that the lack of an advertising banner in the post has allowed the profits to drop more than 40%. I do not think it is good for the platform and less for us, I have seen many applications that follow having that section and google admod continues to provide that function, I don't know why appyet removed it.

I hope you read this post and those who agree give it a like so that @appyet read it and pay attention because really, we are losing users and money.
I repRt those functions are ESSENTIAL.

Thank you very much.

Saludos estimado @appyet, quisiera recomendar algunas funciones que creo que son indispensable.

1. Creo una de las cosas por las que las aplicaciones creadas por appyet no crecen o no rapidamente, es por la falta de un boton de compartir aplicacion nativo desde la aplicacion.

2. Otra de las cosas es porque carece de una alerta para los usuarios que cada cierto tiempo o en un tiempo determinado, le salga una alerta invitandolos a darle estrellas a la aplicacion en google play, para nadie es un misterio que entre mas estrella tenga una aplicacion mas descarga tendra, entonces es muy complicado, PERO MUY COMPLICADO, que los usuarios le den 5 estrellas, hay una plataforma llamada Appcreator que tiene esa funcion, que cada 2 o 3 iniciadas, le sale una alerta para invitarle a darle estrella en la google play.

3. Algo que me he dado cuenta tambien, es que la falta de banner publicitario en los post nos ha dejado que las ganancia bajen mas del 40% no creo que sea bueno para la plataforma y menos para nosotros, he visto muchas aplicaciones que siguen teniendo ese apartado y google admod sigue proporcionando esa funcion, no se porque appyet la quito.

Espero que leas este post y los que esten deacuerdo denle me gusta para que @appyet lo lea y ponga atencion porque realmente, estamos perdiendo usuarios y dinero.

Repito esas funciones son INDISPENSABLES.

Muchas gracias.


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Please answer @apppyet

banner ads not display at the bottom of the screen

please fix that , i want to update all my apps

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Tu APK solo se firma con el esquema de firma v1. Por lo tanto, no se podrá instalar en Android 11 ni versiones posteriores si se configura android:targetSdkVersion en 30 o más. Usa apksigner para firmar el APK o cambia a Android App Bundle para corregir el inconveniente.


Your APK is only signed with the signature scheme v1. Therefore, it will not be able to install on Android 11 or later if android: targetSdkVersion is set to 30 or higher. Use apksigner to sign the APK or switch to the Android App Bundle to correct the issue.

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@appyet ,

All Apps I have update to 4.0.16

Bad behavior

Crash rate for some apps

please Fix this

and please told us when it will be fixed ?
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hello @appyet please add contact us on setting menu. Google ask developer Contact to publish on Google Play Store


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Hello how are you, @appyet a question in the next version could you put the native support to PDF if you would be so kind, I love your platform, also, a native button to share the application and a PUSH message to invite users to classify the application . It is the only thing that is missing to be perfect. I await your prompt reply.

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