LATEST: AppYet v4.0.25 Released

Alaa Ahmed

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Is there an update soon to solve this problem, or I update all my apps now?

Error in "Delete" button

When I press "Delete" in any topic

It is marked topic as read, and the next topic is seen , without delete topic

Screenshot_٢٠٢٢١١٢٩_٠٩٠٨٥٩_ copy.png

Jerome Massawe

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My app earnings dropped after the updates.I try to doublecheck in the AdMob account setting up I find everything is fine. Can you help me why my earnings dropped(Very low). My app(Masomo ya Misa) has users with more than 50,000 downloads earnings per day can be 0.13. How do We fix that issues?

Alaa Ahmed

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Subscription: Pro

70% - 100% App Creator and 30% - 0% AppYet ad allocation split

please explain why not be 100% App Creator only ?

why i pay 99$/Year for nothing ?!
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Pro allow you to remove ads, if you want to show ads, you don't need to upgrade to Pro
i payed but my apps dont upgrade to pro, and i m cant remove ads. I payed 100 usd for nothing? I need a solution, i send emails but appyet not anwser to me, If yours dont fix this problem soon i take legal actions.


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Hello there AppYet team,
So I have an issue with live broadcasting videos (m3u live tv channels),
Some of them have no sound even tho in another player app the sound works, is this a known issue or what should I do to be able to see what the problem is?
Thanks in advance, best regards.