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hey @appyet I wanna let you know that the white timeline doesn't appear when you are watching a video on it's full-view like what you can see in the right screenshot


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At this moment, there are no other ideal ad network other than Admob and Facebook. Any new ads network will increase apk size, we have to balance for most of users do not have such request

You can at least change the implementation of the Facebook Ads. As it leads to accidental ad clicks as per their policy. And because of that Facebook blocked my account. Refer to this SS below. Facebook banners can only be placed at the bottom or top not between the content as per below SS.Appyet version 3 ad placement is right. But after upgrading to v4, my account has been blocked due to policy issue. Seeking your attention @appyet.

Wrong FB Banner Placement.PNGor Go to
hello @appyet

Error limiting posts to rss feed.
Currently I have limited to every rss feed my 200 posts however it has exceeded the limit and does not stop. Hope you overcome this situation.
You can add submenus in the module
Resolve "apostrophe s" HTML issue. It shows the HTML syntax instead of apostrophe ('s). It shows "'" in the Title of the feed article. @appyet.

Resolve Facebook Banner ads implementation too.



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با عرض پوزش ، من یک سؤال دارم

من یک برنامه با سایت appyet ساختم ، آدرس وب خود را دادم ، وقتی محتوا را ارسال می کنم ، اعلان پیش نمی آید ، چگونه می توانم آن را تعمیر کنم؟


An older SDK is affecting your revenue: See which of your apps are using older versions of the Audience Network SDK. Update now to improve your fill rate and maximise revenue.
Please @appyet Update to SDK Fb 5.11


hi, anybody knows which is which?

I am trying to figure it out.


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I wanna sort all my articles according to the title and I don't want my users to be able to change that, so I can control what's on the top and what's on the bottom. please add this