LATEST: AppYet v4.0.25 Released


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Website: New Feature "Search for Feed (Keywords or Url)", Create Feed Module using search, same search as in-app Explore. give it a try, and report back any issue or recommendation
@appyet The new feature is fascinating! Thank you!

Still, my personal opinion is that now, with the new modules, the part of the web to create modules is a bit disorganized. I have mailed you a proposal (
got it, thanks. will look into it

What happened with the issue of problems with my application You requested the application link to test it and sent it, but you did not reply

Also about opening and closing the application after entering a section and restarting it is running the last section I visited, ...why do I want to do it by opening the home page and not the last section I visited
@appyet See Screenshot

Why is there no home page option as it is the best suitable option for interface design in version 4.0


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  • @appyet gap in images in increase in last 4.0.11 and 4.0.12 build. (screenshots attached). I want its look like in actual rss feed, do not want gap in images
Looking into it
  • When you open a section and then close the application and re-open it, the application launches the last section you were in before closing it.
This behavior is by design
  • In explore mode channel modules not available, only tab modules available. Even channel enables when build apk
More details
  • I enable "liked" module and Show in Menu Drawer, Its showing in menu drawer and home tab, but when i disable "liked" module through channel module, its also disable in Menu Drawer
At this moment, you can't hide module from Home
hi @appyet i think there's no layout similar to this old layout right?
This is something that is liked and being used by most users. We want to read the title and a few lines of the content and this layout is the perfect one.
I don't think we have this anymore right?

I totally agree. my app presents articles from newspapers. I can't upade it anymore if my readers miss the few lines of the begining of the article.
(author, tags, date could me dismissed instead).

jhon efe

Firebase notifications r not working on my three phones

It seems that Appyet wants to force us to buy PRO, since it is going to remove many features from the free version, including Firebase notifications, interstitial ads, character limit in web module ...


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Suggestions @appyet @apppyet
  • Include option to hide channel on home launcher and have it active on home tab

  • Add a little space between these layouts (Tile, Grid and Grid compact)

  • Include Share button on the menu drawer to share app to social media

  • Add (Rate this app ) as button on the drawer menu


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