LATEST: AppYet v4.0.22 Released (Updated 2021-07-30)!!


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Kindly include Adcolony to your monetization platform, Google Admob always encounter issue. Facebook Audience Network not available in all countries, making monetization impossible

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Hello how are you @appyet I hope you are very well, I have time creating an application, and when I go to upload it to google play I get this: Your Android App Bundle uses an upload certificate with a key that is too weak.

I imagine you are working on an upcoming update, and I understand the effort you are making.

Thank you very much, I hope that update will be released soon to fix that error.

I also propose that in the home module, there are several icon designs since they are very small.

Without more to say, I await a prompt response, to be able to upload my application that I have been building for a long time.

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hello how are you, I would like to make a query, someone has managed to call a module from a web page. (For example) I am creating an application, but the start is a web page with several buttons.

There is a way to call any module from the web button, within the application. For example the photo module.