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@appyet please my app used to show this after clicking any link, but now it opens it directly in the in-app browser instead of letting users decide which browser or app they prefer


Alaa Ahmed

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Splash Image in my apps small than Appyet 3.1.46 ( i upload image size 1024×1024 )
and It is also surrounded by white color

when i leave the image that i uploaded in Appyet 3.1.46 they apper good
when i upload new one in Appyet 4.0.13 they apper not good like before in Appyet 3.1.46


hello @appyet
I have files with a limit of 300,000 characters, but the web module does not allow me to add it, and it shows me that the content exceeds 10,000,000 characters, but the reality is otherwise.
Same problem when trying to edit old files on web module.
Can this defect be fixed?
look at the pictures


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Hi @appyet

Images do not appear in certain types in my application's RSS, although the same images appear in the list and in earlier versions of the application. (You can see an example in the attachment)

Old Version
old version

App V4.13.jpg
4.13 Version

List Appv4.13.jpg
List of 4.13 version
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hello @appyet
please help:
my admob ad account is disabled due to invalid traffic.
I have tried many times with other admob and facebook accounts to be blocked soon


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@appyet I just noticed a pretty big problem. AppYet creators should be able to select which libraries are included in our apps. I don't want to include any Facebook library on my apps, for example, nor do I understand why there are the Ads library, FB Share and the Login library (I have the ads with AdMob and there is no login function in the app).

I ask, please, AppYet: Is necessary to have an option to select available libraries to improve the privacy of the users. Also, the European data protection law is being violated (these libraries are not included in the GDPR popup).

The goal of being able to disable libraries is to have them removed entirely when the APK file is built.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. OneSignal proporciona una única API e interfaz de administración para APNS (notificaciones de iOS) y FCM (notificaciones de Android).
  2. OneSignal rastrea la tasa de clics de notificaciones para mensajes individuales y campañas.
  3. OneSignal facilita la personalización de las categorías de notificación, los sonidos, el color del LED y la visibilidad de la pantalla de bloqueo.
  4. OneSignal se mantiene actualizado con los cambios realizados en el sistema operativo o las API de notificación para que pueda acceder a las últimas funciones de la plataforma sin ningún trabajo de ingeniería adicional.
Vea más diferencia aquí: -

Enviado desde mi POCO F1 usando AppYet V4 Demo
Hola amigo Lakshay, me puedes decir si usted utiliza OneSignal para las notificaciones? necesito ayuda para la cofiguracion por favor. Gracias