LATEST: AppYet v4.0.15 Released (Updated 2020-08-03)!!


Tu APK solo se firma con el esquema de firma v1. Por lo tanto, no se podrá instalar en Android 11 ni versiones posteriores si se configura android:targetSdkVersion en 30 o más. Usa apksigner para firmar el APK o cambia a Android App Bundle para corregir el inconveniente.


Your APK is only signed with the signature scheme v1. Therefore, it will not be able to install on Android 11 or later if android: targetSdkVersion is set to 30 or higher. Use apksigner to sign the APK or switch to the Android App Bundle to correct the issue.

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@appyet ,

All Apps I have update to 4.0.16

Bad behavior

Crash rate for some apps

please Fix this

and please told us when it will be fixed ?
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hello @appyet please add contact us on setting menu. Google ask developer Contact to publish on Google Play Store
Could you post the email from Google Play completely? You say that Google Play is asking your app to have a contact form but the email is saying something else, the email says your app has something that does not comply with the news policy.


Hello how are you, @appyet a question in the next version could you put the native support to PDF if you would be so kind, I love your platform, also, a native button to share the application and a PUSH message to invite users to classify the application . It is the only thing that is missing to be perfect. I await your prompt reply.

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Important update: Major version Google Mobile Ads SDK release coming in 2021

Prepare for the upcoming Google Mobile Ads SDK release​
The next major version release of the Google Mobile Ads SDK is expected in early 2021. Be sure to follow update guides closely to avoid potential revenue loss. See detailed migration guides​

Please read below to understand how these changes may affect your app(s).​
Google Mobile Ads SDK Android v20.0.0 and iOS v8.0.0 will be released in early 2021. In the update to these major versions, a number of existing APIs will be changed or deprecated. Please consider the following:​
Before these versions become available, please consider updating API usage in existing apps per the migration guide below.​
When GMA SDK version 8.0.0 (iOS) or 20.0.0 (Android) becomes available, please ensure that all app(s) have been updated according to the migration guides below before releasing your app(s).​
Updating the GMA SDK to version 8.0.0 (iOS) or 20.0.0 (Android) without also making changes to the following APIs per the migration guide will cause issues with apps building or compiling and may affect revenue.
The breaking changes in GMA SDK to version 8.0.0 (iOS) or 20.0.0 (Android) will not break existing implementations that target older SDK versions.
Below is a list of major API changes that will require actions before updating to the latest SDK. For a full list of changes (including additional breaking changes), please refer to the following migration guides.
Migration guides:​


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feed publisher name in Feed List and Article screen in some feeds display wrong as another feed name , when i update app from v3.1.46 apk To 4.0.16

Feed 1 name : cnn
Feed 2 name : bbc
It display bbc for feed 1 in feed publisher name

When i try delete any of this feed and add it again, feed publisher name display fine


Default Layout : not display as i set in appyet site , that happen when i update app , it display layout from Previous version of the application

Home Tab : if i set it Home to display first then [latest] then unreads then liked when i update app Home be the last and [latest] be the first in home tab

All that happen when i update app , when i install app for first time not happened



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Chromecast support for Webm files stopped working in the last version. It worked for a while before, but now we only get the audio of the video files while playing in Chromacast. Any chance you can have a look @appyet ??


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Footer Ads In Article Is Not Working In This Version

Please Fix This Issue

Want To Show Banner Ads In The Footer Of Article Or Feed And Videos

Thank You