LATEST: AppYet v4.0.15 Released (Updated 2020-08-03)!!


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Please answer @apppyet

banner ads not display at the bottom of the screen

please fix that , i want to update all my apps
هم ردوا قبل كده على استفسارك ده
أن جوجل اد موب لم تعد تحبذ فكره الإعلان البنر
في المقالات المقرؤه عشان كده هما
حذفوها في آخر تحديث


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@appyet are you working on any updates? What are the new changes that we can expect? The inability to send push notifications has affected us a lot in the revenue generation please consider it and also please update the allowed url length (characters) in audio section.


Tu APK solo se firma con el esquema de firma v1. Por lo tanto, no se podrá instalar en Android 11 ni versiones posteriores si se configura android:targetSdkVersion en 30 o más. Usa apksigner para firmar el APK o cambia a Android App Bundle para corregir el inconveniente.


Your APK is only signed with the signature scheme v1. Therefore, it will not be able to install on Android 11 or later if android: targetSdkVersion is set to 30 or higher. Use apksigner to sign the APK or switch to the Android App Bundle to correct the issue.

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@appyet ,

All Apps I have update to 4.0.16

Bad behavior

Crash rate for some apps

please Fix this

and please told us when it will be fixed ?
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