LATEST: AppYet v4.0.15 Released (Updated 2020-08-03)!!


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Hey @appyet where can i locate the App icon here, Cause i have changed it severally from the appyet dashboard, yet it still dosent change. So i want to know if i can locate it here and replace it here instead



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@appyet please add a pop-up on a video link like in v3 templates. When users click on those link a pop-up appear with "Download | Play Online". Please add this in next release, because of this my app become useless.
@appyet please fix 'Open article links in external browser', I enable it in module setting but links opening in in-app browser.
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@appyet please look into the following suggestions.
  • Make the podcast image cover scrollable with parallax effect On small screens phone the podcast image cover almost half of the screen.
  • Add option to disable podcast auto play.


@appyet please my app used to show this after clicking any link, but now it opens it directly in the in-app browser instead of letting users decide which browser or app they prefer


Splash Image in my apps small than Appyet 3.1.46 ( i upload image size 1024×1024 )
and It is also surrounded by white color

when i leave the image that i uploaded in Appyet 3.1.46 they apper good
when i upload new one in Appyet 4.0.13 they apper not good like before in Appyet 3.1.46


hello @appyet
I have files with a limit of 300,000 characters, but the web module does not allow me to add it, and it shows me that the content exceeds 10,000,000 characters, but the reality is otherwise.
Same problem when trying to edit old files on web module.
Can this defect be fixed?
look at the pictures



Hi @appyet

Images do not appear in certain types in my application's RSS, although the same images appear in the list and in earlier versions of the application. (You can see an example in the attachment)

Old Version
old version

App V4.13.jpg
4.13 Version

List Appv4.13.jpg
List of 4.13 version
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hello @appyet
please help:
my admob ad account is disabled due to invalid traffic.
I have tried many times with other admob and facebook accounts to be blocked soon