Interstitial Ads and User Retention

Zac F.

I thought I would share my experience with you all on installing Interstitial Ads on my apps.

Over the last week, Interstitial Ads account for 31% of my total ad revenue.

Another way of looking at it: I saw a 46% increase in ad revenue related to installing interstitial ads on my apps about a month ago.

While this is GREAT, I will share that I have lost many users over the last month who are being driven away by the annoyance of the ads. This is harder to measure, but during a busy season for my apps I am seeing a slow decline in users instead of an increase like I am accustomed to seeing. I've only received one negative review in the last month related to the ads.

My hope is that the active users will stop declining soon (as most of the users who wanted to stop using the app would have done so by now) and I'll start to see growth again.

Just wanted to share my experience. I have the ads set up with an 8-hour delay (an interstitial ad is only seen by a user once every 8 hours) so I personally don't think it's TOO intrusive and while I am seeing a slight decline in users, it seems as though most of them are okay with it. All in all, I feel confident that the interstitial ads are a good thing for the apps.

Hope this information is helpful to someone.