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Stephen Andrews

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The ability to download via the In-App browser is a problem with one of my apps that uses the Web Module.

Except for when I set the web module to utilize "System Default Browser or App," users cannot download anything when the web module is set to "In-App browser" whenever they click on download links within the app.

Can you please work on this? It would be very beneficial to me as I continue to develop the new version of my app. @appyet


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update: just read your change log, download module already been removed, that is sad. hope you can still find a way to bring it back so that we can still use it to download our other media from our site, if apk is not allowed by google play policy, maybe you can filter instead the file extensions that can be supported for the download feature, please don't kill this feature forever. hope you'll reconsider. thank you.

any update on this issue? still not fix? @appyet
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