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I use quite the web module and lately I realized that if I do not have internet on my device the module will only show an error message, and most lay users will not understand.

My suggestion is: to offer a personalized page that appears when the user does not have data connection.
Easy solution is using jquery.ex:
$(document).on('offline online', function (event) {
alert('You are ' + event.type + '!');
//or change background image perhaps

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joseph raphael

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you could use iframe to serve external and use jquery in your source. There already jQuery js inside appyet. just need to link to it.

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If there is no internet connection he won't be able to reach the page that contains the jquery code in first place (http://www..../index.html). AppYet jquery is integrated in the feed module not the web module as it cannot add header content to an external webpage.

This page can only be changed inside App code itself. Here's an example of a code I suggested to @appyet to use


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Can we also enable uploading of files? It doesnt work for some reason (while it works on chrome) so maybe switching to chromium as a base will be the solution I suppose?


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not at this moment. but our dev release are getting very close to release. you should not have to wait for too long