I want delete or hide some text in RSS Feed Module.


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Hi There,

I want hide or delete some text in RSS feed module
Any solution for this issue....



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I don't have access the RSS code.
But I want to remove particular text on footer line...

Please find any solution...


joseph raphael

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ok, I have some questions:

1- Is this text are the same in all articles ?
2- What is the text code ?
3- does it contains links ?
4- is it repeated anywhere elsewhere in the article ?
5- does this text change from article to article ?

joseph raphael

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- Go to your feed Module that contains the RSS feed you posted
- Go to Feed tap
- Enter this code in the "Extra header Code" textarea
body span.appyet_article p:last-child {display:none;}
- click Save
- Rebuild your APK and reinstall it