I think We're getting cheated by Appyet - You need to answer this appyet..!!??


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I have researched online about APPYET & observed lot of pros other than cons, and tried this..!! Everything is working good with Appyet, except Monetize section.
I have applied for admob and placed ads on my app, as appyet says that it shows our & their ads in the ratio of 70:30, i.e 70% our ads, 30 % their ads..!! but i think its wrong , I observed my app's statistics from Google Analytics & Admob, that i ve got 369 screen views on app, but its showing only 76 impressions of ads.

Therefore Appyet showing their ads in most of the time.
I hope will get a reply to this from Appyet to clarify me.. & every one..!!

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The same by me on 16.02.2016 ended my premium for the app after this point i dont get anything more from the admob for this app.




what can i do?



I think you have to look at the great effort made by AppYet. There are other developing app, and I think with the "plus plans" of AppYet apps, he does not get what a normal developer wins developing an app.

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I think i'm in the similar situation. I got around 44k screen views and no impression at all. In my app now ads are not showing up at all. :mad:

Has anyone heard back from appyet?


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Screen view has no relationship with ad impression. Appyet track screen view on many places there are no Ads.

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Impression is depend on fill rate, it can not be compared to page view. Eg. User can read 100 articles with admob no fill (online or offline). Page view is counted even when user is offline

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