I suggested appyet should add and amend these futures


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Big thanks to appyet support for this great question, actually am new to appyet. But within the few months of our relationship i think I've found a best free template to create a beautiful app, I have up to 5apps on play store and each of them is not having less down 2k download without advert. God bless you guys, I pray you last and also be the latest.

To me what I suggested appyet to fixed and also added as a futures.

1, my users complaints a lot that they can't watch the embed YouTube videos within the app, it has to redirect them to their system YouTube app,
Because some of my articles are updated with embed YouTube videos, please fix this. Let the YouTube videos could be steam within the app.

2, this is very important concerning the monetize issue, please help us add a future of (Personalized ad) in the next update, As Google admob said: it show ads in users interest and I believe this could encourage more clicks more revenue.

Please fix the previous one and add the second future. Once again Thank You.


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This is actually a Google issue. Youtube for most is defaulted on android phones to open VIA youtube app. In embeding, you will need to make sure under the video settings its playable off-site as an embed format. Sometimes you will have to force it within the iframe. Ran into this issue about a month ago.