i need the keystore to update the application


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i need the keystore of my application on appyet to update the application on google play store.
i want to use my own code

Skqnder TN

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appyet apps are using their own certificates. the keystore for all appyet apps is the same so you can update your app without problem with new updated versions from appyet

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Skqnder TN

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So in that case no one will give you the keystore since it's private and personal. I don't think that appyet team will give you their keystore because it refers to their apps but you can still contact them.
- I personally managed for this bad senario by resigning my APKs with my own certificates and rezipaligning them before publishing apps to playstore. but I think it's too late in tout case.


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im trying to contact them, thanks for help
Have you succeeded in applying you android studio keystore to your appyet app ?
please guide me I have the same problem .

I changed the package name using apk editor but I am still struggling to apply my old keystore to appyet app .