I believe that you all are facing this problem.

Moe Hein

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Please read this link and answer it.

Dear Admin,
I like appyet very much.And I have to report my problem.Please read this carefully and help me.
Appyet has upgraded to new version last week.And I upgraded my app to latest version.It changed a lot.
First,I have to point out that.Look the following photos.

I hope you saw the problem that the menu box appear and no one can see the text clear.The text on the menu is too dim that we can't see it well on both dark and light themes.White on the white.The menu box is appeared when we tap the phone hardware menu tab.But,the black menu appears when we click menu button on top right corner,beside star button, the menu(black menu even on light theme) appear like the following photo.See.

Ok,let's see the old appyet version in photo below.

It is clear than new version menu box.

So,my advise is to improve menu box.
1.Fix dim menu box(when tapping hardware menu tab) and fix black menu box on light theme or let me choose white or black.
2.Or disable appearing menu box when tapping hardware menu tab.

It is also black color setting page on light theme.Please also let me choose dark or light for it.

Thank you very much admin.Leave me reply.
Need help from everyone. So far it's report this issue from OnePlus One and Huawei C8800. Anyone else using these devices and have the same issue? Please report your android version as well. Let's see if it's device or version issue.

@beautiheart @Moe Hein do you have your app published on play store? We can install your app too.