From Android to ios Now you can


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Google has just released publicly a handy tool dedicated to all developers who are building applications for both Android and iOS called J2ObjC. This tool has been used internally for some time by Google itself and has allowed, for example, to realize the iOS version of Inbox, then proving reliable and efficient.But what exactly does J2ObjC (Java to Object-C)? The purpose of this tool is to convert the Java source code used to create Android apps in Object-C code compatible with iOS. The conversion only affects the code and references to the various libraries and binaries and all the part relating to the interface of the app is still a "dependent" of the developer. J2ObjC can be used both as a plug-in for Eclipse, directly from the command line and requires that you use a Mac-based computer Mavericks OSX 10.9 or higher and Xcode 6 or higher.For more information and downloads, we leave you to the official page of J2ObjC.

""Now we can turn our App ????""


Wow, I didn't know that! The problem is that we need the Source code for converting... Maybe this is something for @appyet to do?