[Forum Module] Arabic RTL Layout

joseph raphael

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@appyet here's what I got so far

1- Topics text layout needs to be inverted for LTR to RTL.

2- This part needs to be inverted too from LTR to RTL. putting the image thumbnail to the right, and the date to the left. keeping the date as the same.

3- Forums logos needs to be moved to the right.

4- These parts needs to inverted to RTL and translated too, but keep the highlighted 3 TABS as it is.

5- These Arabic numbers needs to be moved to the left, and the text needs to be moved to the right along with the icons, also the text needs to be translated.

6- New Thread and New Post pages needs to be inverted to RTL layout and the text needs to be translated too.

Still testing and will update the topic later...