force RSS query and redraw list


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Hy. I'm asking you if there is a way to work in that way, because the RSS feed that will be loaded is a list that expire and change in base on events on a calendar.
within it, I've built an APP for IOS that to the same as Appyet, but do the right thing:
each time the user open the page, the list is cleaned and replaced with the feed.
this is important, because each event will expire at a precise date, and will never be shown in the feed anymore.
to obtain that behaviour in the feed source, each post has a date that is not the same as pubdate, but the date that the event will be. The feed source will be always auto-regenerated by filtering the date of the event with the current date.
And obviously, now in AppYet I have a confused sum of event 'to be' and others expired.

My question is to know if there is way to load and force a redraw of the list, or if that funcion is present in the paid version.
I'm not able to create by myself that behaviour.
I'm also able to pay for that customization


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Nobody helps anybody in this forum, many posts unanswered , mods do not help , etc ... I really like this feature.

sry my horrible english, english is not my mother language