File expansion .obb


You can use the files on expansion in the application? Because it could be useful to create one to store things there that we want the application without having Internet is displayed.


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what do you plan to put in obb, and how do you plan to access it?
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For example:
From the Web module, when a web content is added, you can specify with some code path X file to be displayed within the application, obviously within the file previously .obb download.

To be more specific:
Part of html code

<p> Hello world & nbsp; <img alt = "" src = "sdcard / android / com.pepito.appyet / com.pepito.appyet.obb / images / Helloworld.png" /> </ p>

Inside archive com.pepito.appyet.obb seencuentra image to be displayed on the web module.
A .obb file is a .zip file uncompressed, my idea is to use this option and to expand the content displayed on our app without having internet. Not really how it works.

I explain well?

Sorry for my English, I speak Spanish and use Google translator.