[feed] not loaded anymore


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Hi. I'm using appyet since 2014. this feed was always be fine


since about 1.5 months.. the result is 0 .. blank page
but the xml schema output is the same as before.

I'm asking to appyet team if anything was changes in the itnernal processor.
becasue channel.items are good.. and regular


DarShaN PanDya

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I tried on Mobile (Opera), the feed shows Blank...
I also tried burning feed via FeedBurner, it said Feed Invalid etc etc...
Have a try urself :)


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it's not true.
Me too tried to use feedburner (but is not the only one processor) and.. yes it give an error in row 2. but is an error that some browsers and clients bypass easily, loading feeds.
for example I've tried Feedreader, an aggregator free.
This loads perfectly the feed, as well as torch,chrome,firefox browser.
I suppose the xml has a warning, not an error. but some modules (as well as appyes) get stuck even if the problem is not critical.
in attached