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I am hosting a rss feed for Facebook, Instagram and twitter on my website for my own Apps. But my Google Playstore Account got terminated so I am not able to make any money from my ~ 50 k app installs in time. And I wondered if somebody else needs a rss feed for Facebook, Instagram or twitter (appyet does have a twitter module, but its a little bit buggy). I thought about that you give me 5€/500 000 request (5,5$) a no matter if its from Facebook or Instagram or Twitter( but all on its own) so if you have 700 users and your update frequency is at one hour it costs 5€ in one month. For every additional 500 000 request I thought about 2€ (2,25$) I think that would be a pretty good deal for both sides. The feeds uptime is at 99,95% and the response time is at about 100ms for europa and at about 350ms for the us, sadly for people in australia it takes about 1,5 seconds testet with https://tools.pingdom.com. Every requested feed is cached for 15 min before it updates. You get 2 000 test request for free btw :)
Thats it! If you have a question or something like that feel free to reply :D.