Can't build a new App based on an old App

RooBoo AppReviews

New Member
I always get an error message when trying to build a new App based on a template that I created before :(
Need that for Beta testing my own App!

Joe Levi

New Member
I'm having the same problem.

I want to convert from AppYet v2.0 (current) to AppYet v3.1, and change to a Pro subscription. I paid vika PayPal yesterday, but the site doesn't reflect this, and every time I try to build it fails.


Support Team Member
Staff member
V2 template build failed issue is resolved. please give it a try.

@Joe Levi there are no auto upgrade from V2 to V3. you hae to manually create v3 with same package name as v2. we will help you transfer Pro subscription to v3 after you done creation