Can anyone give me a solution?

I Found Some Problems in my Application

The First Problem Is the Interstitial Ad That Is On the Button Visiting the Website, the Article View, the Image Display Cannot I Press Except on the Play Button Video.

And this is the name of the package that can't be clicked on:

The Second Problem I Have My Account Is Banned By Adsense Due To Violating Policy, That Is A Problem With Invalid Activities

It's been 4 times my account was banned by Google whose first account I almost pulled out of all the time I waited turned out to be banned by Adsense for almost 1.5 years I waited for money from Adsense to be taken and it turned out that my account was banned by my second and third Adsense accounts Long Lasting, My Fourth Account Only Lasts 10 Days

Was the Error Banned my account was caused by appyet? or the mistake of myself?

If It Is An Error From Me Please Notify My Error Position?

If That Is The Error Of Your Own Appyet Please Repair The Wrong