Bugs in design


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@appyet Yesterday I updated my phone to Android 5.0 and have detected these problems in my application (made with AppYet):

The first problem is that in the menu "Recent Applications", the background color below the title is always black. He would have to leave the color of the title bar of the application.

The second problem is that, in the "Explore" and "Settings" module, the Android notification bar goes black. It would have to be the same as on the main screen.

And the third problem is that, when you get a notification, the background is always blue. It would have to do a section on the website of "AppYet" specific for notifications, and from there you could change the following parameters:

- The image that will (now is in the General tab)
- The background color of notification (see the image below)
- Type of notification (to leave the number of new items or directly the titles of new articles)
- See a notification which includes all new items or notification for each module.