ARK Ghost: Survival Evolved


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ARK: Survival evolved. Playing for survival in a world dominated by dinosaurs. From bare ass on the beach to military dominance over the world. Connect to our server GHOST ARK
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Calm server with a friendly atmosphere.
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We play for fun and because we just love it.

ARK: Survival Evolved takes place in an open world full of dinosaurs, but also people using everything from spears with stone tips to machine guns and antediluvian lizards even rides. Actually, they can saddle up all sorts of things including giant scorpions. Starting in her as an almost naked man or woman uzimených and hungry on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK.

You have to use your skills and cunning, and if you succeed, you can catch a dinosaur for dinner or tame it and use it instead of horses. The game offers the classic elements of survival MMOG - hunting, gathering wild fruits, farming, crafting, technology research, and building a base. All this will do in the company of hundreds of other players and together they surely will experience, mastered the island and even find your way home!

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