AppYet v3.1.15 to v3.1.17 Released


Latest version with bug fixes have been released to Prod.

- Android: Improved Iad to reduce unnecessary iAd request with no impression
- Android: Fixed notification is not showing
- Android: Change Notification Icon background to match actionbar bgcolor
- Android: Change Notification to remove progress bar.
- Android: Change Notification to show new articles without waiting for images to complete download
- Android: Upgraded third party libraries
i didnt find anyway to change the white text color.
Any suggestions?


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@appyet I know it does not have to do anything at all to the topic. Lately are creating accounts that publish SPAM (sex ...) It would be possible to forbid new members at the moment? Thanks! :):):):)
@appyet Notification works for me but it's the sync that is not working and I guess it's the same for the rest. After closing to app, I get notification but there is not more updates after the first round. So I get 1 or 2 article notification but later articles are not coming in and thereby no more notifications. Until I open the app that articles is sync in. My guess it that the sync is not able to kick in after a period of inactivity. Those who are not getting notification may have new articles only after the period of inactivity so there is nothing to notify.

Guys try to close your app and create some new articles within 1 hour. See if your get anything. :)
@appyet I noticed that the sync only works once and show the notification. It does not sync again until you clear the notification. I tried to clear the list of notification and new ones come in again and it stopped. Try to clear the list of notification and see if you get new ones? I still think it's the sync that's caused the issue.