after ubdate .. No ads shown


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Greetings @appyet

Package Name: com.cust

I have made news app before & its work perfect tell now .. I just update to 3.1.44 Template
Then the ads didn't shown any more & Checking my "analytics google Real-time tab" its show 0 user
( i am only one test the app .. testing before share it )

Then i Setup the old version app (which created before update) .. real time tab start count

So .. i think there is a technical problem _-
how can i get back to old version ?

Note :
i am sure that i'm using
1. the Correct App ID
2. Admob ad type match correctly. Banner ID should not be used for Interstitial Ads
3. My ad did't blocked or violate any G policies .. cause it works perfect on old apps mentioned above in the same time .
4. testing on infinx note4+xiaomi 5 + Nox player

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Please reply with google play URL to your apps

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