Ads violate google play TOS.


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Appyet's ads are automatically redirecting users to the play store. I've posted in general comments but no reply from @appyet. the 30/70 deal is ok but ruining the functionality by loading the play store app every 40 seconds is old school greasy and defeats the purpose of using an app vs. a browser to view content. I have many hours spread over a handful of apps and they are all tainted with this virus/bug!! Many more users must be having the same problem! @appyet PLEASE REPLY. Thank you



Right now, it is difficult to AppYet reply to a message. Currently he works in another application model and he is quite busy. Unfortunately, this is a subject I do not know, therefore I can not help you. Anyway, I will try to AppYet can answer you as soon as possible.

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Yes, They are live. It took about a month, however, I don't see activity on my admob account despite the app being downloaded and used.
Just wanted to follow up on my earlier message.. Looks like it finally popped up. I see some impressions now. I'm not sure why yours doesn't come up though.