ADMOB Issue: Upgrade your Android Google Mobile Ads SDK to ensure ads keep serving


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AdMob is committed to providing you the most effective monetization solutions. As we innovate, it’s important that we leverage the latest technologies to bolster our platform. As part of this movement, we are deprecating versions 6.4.1 and lower of the Android Google Mobile Ads SDK on September 15th, 2016.
In order to ensure that your ads continue to serve after September 15th, 2016, please upgrade to Google Mobile Ads SDK 7.0.0 or higher.

The newer Google Mobile Ads SDKs have many more benefits for you:
  • Seamless auto-updates. Changes to the Google Mobile Ads SDK for Android get pushed seamlessly to users through Google Play services, so you can focus your time where it matters
    • You won’t need to spend time updating your apps with the latest versions of the ads SDK each time it changes
    • New features and bug fixes will also reach users through auto-updates
  • Better user experiences. Users will find it easier to manage updating their apps as some improvements will automatically be received in the background.
To upgrade your SDK, add the latest version of play-services (listed under dependencies) in yourGradle Build configuration file. For example, the following added v9.0:
apply plugin: ''
dependencies {
compile ''
Stay tuned for more updates and tips.
The AdMob Team