Add the ability to view pdf books

Imad baaloul lalo

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Add the ability to view pdf books in Media List (Audio/Video/Image/Text/Html/ #pdf_books) .
This would be very cool. It will benefit us a lot ..
Thanks appyet. The best site ever


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We have tested in-app PDF support, but it will increase APK for few MBs, we are considering it, but it has to have very high demand from our app builders. anyone else need this feature, please reply to this thread


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@appyet It would be great if you could add the PDF reader as optional, adding or removing the module from the AppYet web. In some of my apps I would add this function.

By the way, we can see a demo on the AppYet V4 Demo App? I think it would be nice to release a beta version before releasing a new version for AppYet apps. Thanks.

Chris laverack

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I would also be extremely grateful for this feature! :) as i have a number of books I would like to put in my app but have had to go the long way about it and put a link in to my module which then opens a folder they then have to download the file and then open it, if they do not have a PDF viewer they also have to install one so its a bit of a mess about and this feature would definitely come in handy!