8th Crash Report :: Native crash at /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so ::


Hello Folks
Yesterday i have received my 8th crash report says: Native crash at /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so.


Sorry for that but i need to make clear for app developer to see what's really going on when there is visitors load on the app and see how it function under pressure :)

Last reported
Yesterday, 12:02 PM

By app version

By Android version
Android 4.4

By device
Galaxy J1 (j13g)

Crash report details:
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Build fingerprint: 'samsung/j13gxx/j13g:4.4.4/KTU84P/J100HXXU0AOF2:user/release-keys'
Revision: '3'
pid: 31889, tid: 32031, name: Chrome_InProcRe >>> com.al3abmizo.games <<<
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 00000000
r0 5b492b38 r1 5a3129dc r2 00000000 r3 00000000
r4 00000004 r5 5a3129d8 r6 56cb5308 r7 5b492bd8
r8 5b492bd8 r9 0000000b sl 00001401 fp 65f00000
ip 5513df34 sp 5b492b18 lr 5403a51f pc 53eb3a8c cpsr 00010030
d0 4040000040400000 d1 d999d1dc00000003
d2 db98d0db98d0db00 d3 98d0db98d0db9800
d4 db98d0db98d0db98 d5 98d0db98d0db98d0
d6 d0db98d0db98d0db d7 000000033f800000
d8 000000003fc00000 d9 0000000000000000
d10 0000000000000000 d11 0000000000000000
d12 0000000000000000 d13 0000000000000000
d14 0000000000000000 d15 0000000000000000
d16 41d3be46c41d3f7d d17 3f50624dd2f1a9fc
d18 41c762f124800000 d19 1144114411441144
d20 0000000000000000 d21 0000000000000000
d22 0000000000000000 d23 0000000000000000
d24 0000000000000000 d25 0000000000000000
d26 0000000000000000 d27 0000000000000000
d28 0144014401440144 d29 0144014401440144
d30 1000100010001000 d31 1000100010001000
scr 8a000013

#00 pc 00194a8c /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#01 pc 0031b51b /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#02 pc 0031b5c9 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#03 pc 0031babf /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#04 pc 0031bd59 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#05 pc 0031bda5 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#06 pc 00314111 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#07 pc 00d5e661 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#08 pc 00d5e7f1 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#09 pc 00d5e857 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#10 pc 00d9c33f /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#11 pc 00d95a47 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#12 pc 0016a729 /system/lib/libskia.so (GrGpuGL::uploadTexData(GrGLTexture::Desc const&, bool, int, int, int, int, GrPixelConfig, void const*, unsigned int)+696)
#13 pc 0016b3c1 /system/lib/libskia.so (GrGpuGL::eek:nCreateTexture(GrTextureDesc const&, void const*, unsigned int)+360)
#14 pc 00152665 /system/lib/libskia.so (GrGpu::createTexture(GrTextureDesc const&, void const*, unsigned int)+88)
#15 pc 0014de05 /system/lib/libskia.so (GrContext::createTexture(GrTextureParams const*, GrTextureDesc const&, GrCacheID const&, void*, unsigned int, GrResourceKey*)+76)
#16 pc 0014128b /system/lib/libskia.so (GrLockAndRefCachedBitmapTexture(GrContext*, SkBitmap const&, GrTextureParams const*)+510)
#17 pc 0013eb63 /system/lib/libskia.so
#18 pc 0013fe6d /system/lib/libskia.so (SkGpuDevice::internalDrawBitmap(SkBitmap const&, SkRect const&, GrTextureParams const&, SkPaint const&, SkCanvas::DrawBitmapRectFlags, bool)+60)
#19 pc 001407db /system/lib/libskia.so (SkGpuDevice::drawBitmapCommon(SkDraw const&, SkBitmap const&, SkRect const*, SkMatrix const&, SkPaint const&, SkCanvas::DrawBitmapRectFlags)+634)
#20 pc 0014085d /system/lib/libskia.so (SkGpuDevice::drawBitmapRect(SkDraw const&, SkBitmap const&, SkRect const*, SkRect const&, SkPaint const&, SkCanvas::DrawBitmapRectFlags)+100)
#21 pc 000b05d3 /system/lib/libskia.so (SkCanvas::internalDrawBitmapRect(SkBitmap const&, SkRect const*, SkRect const&, SkPaint const*, SkCanvas::DrawBitmapRectFlags)+182)
#22 pc 0011e391 /system/lib/libskia.so
#23 pc 0011e551 /system/lib/libskia.so (SkGPipeReader::playback(void const*, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int*)+140)
#24 pc 00136361 /system/lib/libskia.so (DeferredPipeController::playback(bool)+86)
#25 pc 0013665b /system/lib/libskia.so (DeferredDevice::flushPendingCommands(PlaybackMode)+36)
#26 pc 001366dd /system/lib/libskia.so (DeferredDevice::flush()+6)
#27 pc 000ae8af /system/lib/libskia.so (SkCanvas::flush()+16)
#28 pc 00dba5b1 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#29 pc 00dbabc5 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#30 pc 00ea209f /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#31 pc 00d0c231 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so

code around pc:
53eb3a6c 601a2200 e0146001 46293d04 680e3d04
53eb3a7c d0fa42b2 10a41b0c 601c3401 9301680b
53eb3a8c e0016819 6809681b 99009100 d1f94291
53eb3a9c bd7c6003 47f0e92d f8d14605 460c8008
53eb3aac b08668cb 9000f8d2 ebc84617 10810003
53eb3abc 39014648 eeb0f7e7 f8581c4b 460e2021
53eb3acc 0023f858 0a83ea4f 42829201 e015d108
53eb3adc 45496859 602bd102 e0342100 9301681b
53eb3aec 42839b01 9203d1f4 a903a805 f7ff463a
53eb3afc 6962fe69 1c509905 e0226160 a8059102
53eb3b0c f1041d21 ab020208 ffa0f7ff 98029b05
53eb3b1c 68a2a906 3d0cf841 0880eb02 a8054492
53eb3b2c f7ff463a 9905fe4f 4640aa06 1d08f842
53eb3b3c f7ff4651 68a3fde6 1c506962 f8536160
53eb3b4c 60291026 71292101 b0064628 87f0e8bd
53eb3b5c b5f04b13 241e447b e00b600b f8531065

code around lr:
5403a4fc b0044620 e92dbd10 460c47ff 46154606
5403a50c 92014698 a802ab01 f1043104 f6790208
5403a51c 68a2fa9d f1059901 9f020001 0980eb02
5403a52c eb024640 f7ff0a81 683bff95 4649aa04
5403a53c 60386003 0d04f842 f6794650 68a0f8e2
5403a54c 1c516962 f8506161 46303025 b0046033
5403a55c 87f0e8bd 43f7e92d f8d14604 460d8008
5403a56c 461768cb 9000f8d2 0003ebc8 46481081
5403a57c f6613901 1c4be952 6021f858 f858460a
5403a58c 96001023 d108428e 6843e015 d102454b
5403a59c 20006020 6802e017 98009200 d1f44288
5403a5ac f7ff4638 6831ff57 60306001 1c5a696b
5403a5bc 6020616a a801e006 463b4629 ff9bf7ff
5403a5cc 60229a01 71202001 e8bd4620 000083fe
5403a5dc b5374b0c 2500447b 33084604 f840a901
5403a5ec f6663b08 60e5fd89 f04f6125 6165507e