11th Crash Report :: Native crash at /system/lib/libskia.so ::


Hello Folks
Since 50 minutes ago i received my 11th crash report says:

Native crash at /system/lib/libskia.so
in /system/lib/libskia.so, /system/lib/libskia.so (SkScan::FillIRect(SkIRect const&, SkRegion const*, SkBlitter*)+222)


Last reported
50 minutes ago

Application version

Android version
Android 4.4


Crash Report Details:
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Build fingerprint: 'unknown'
Revision: '0'
pid: 9020, tid: 9463, name: al3abmizo.games >>> com.al3abmizo.games <<<
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr ffffffff
r0 6b728007 r1 64d2f22c r2 6b728008 r3 00000000
r4 00000117 r5 6447521c r6 ffffffff r7 ffffffff
r8 ffffffff r9 ffffffff sl ffffffff fp 00000540
ip 40525671 sp 64d2f250 lr 40525695 pc 4051e820 cpsr 200e0030
d0 7149f2ca00000000 d1 7149f2ca3f000000
d2 0000000000000000 d3 0000000000000000
d4 00000000438c0000 d5 000000003f000000
d6 0000000000000000 d7 000000003f000000
d8 3f00000000000000 d9 0000000000000000
d10 0000000000000000 d11 40718000438c0000
d12 4075000043a80000 d13 4075000043a80000
d14 0000000000000000 d15 0000000000000000
d16 ffffffffffdcffff d17 ffffffffff4cffff
d18 ffffffffff47ffff d19 ffffffffff64ffff
d20 ffffffdcff00dcff d21 ffffff4cff004cff
d22 ffffff47ff0047ff d23 ffffff64ff0064ff
d24 ffffdcff00dcff3c d25 ffff4cff004cff23
d26 ffff47ff0047ff1f d27 ffff64ff0064ffff
d28 3fcddde000000000 d29 4061800000000000
d30 3d705c610ca86c39 d31 bee6a88000000000
scr 2a000013

#00 pc 000c6820 /system/lib/libskia.so
#01 pc 000c33b5 /system/lib/libskia.so
#02 pc 000c3497 /system/lib/libskia.so (SkScan::FillIRect(SkIRect const&, SkRegion const*, SkBlitter*)+222)
#03 pc 000c3589 /system/lib/libskia.so (SkScan::FillIRect(SkIRect const&, SkRasterClip const&, SkBlitter*)+32)
#04 pc 000a6ca1 /system/lib/libskia.so (SkDraw::drawBitmap(SkBitmap const&, SkMatrix const&, SkPaint const&) const+252)
#05 pc 000a31a5 /system/lib/libskia.so (SkDevice::drawBitmapRect(SkDraw const&, SkBitmap const&, SkRect const*, SkRect const&, SkPaint const&)+504)
#06 pc 0009ed75 /system/lib/libskia.so (SkCanvas::internalDrawBitmapRect(SkBitmap const&, SkRect const*, SkRect const&, SkPaint const*)+176)
#07 pc 004c5803 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#08 pc 004e0ed3 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#09 pc 004bbffb /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#10 pc 004c5255 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#11 pc 004d1055 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#12 pc 0046c96f /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#13 pc 0046ca69 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#14 pc 00822341 /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#15 pc 00822eeb /system/lib/libwebviewchromium.so
#16 pc 0005229c <unknown>

code around pc:
4051e800 a018f8d6 69361ad2 801cf8d7 68f81825
4051e810 008c1a09 4202fb0a 69be18b3 b14e9303
4051e820 464a6830 6a7b9903 c020f8d0 47e04630
4051e830 e0006a7a f1b89a03 d00a0f00 3000f8d8
4051e840 46402100 46299100 c014f8d3 47e0464b
4051e850 4611e005 464a4628 6abc6afb 9c0e47a0
4051e860 9a03445d 940e3c01 000aeb02 d1d69003
4051e870 e8bdb005 e92d8ff0 469b4ff0 008d6843
4051e880 b0874606 9018f8d6 691f699c fb0468b3
4051e890 94035002 691b699c 68f7183d 1bc96930
4051e8a0 1a129404 a01cf8d6 fb040048 ea4f0402
4051e8b0 9205024b 0804eb03 27006a74 0007f838
4051e8c0 f9c4f7cc f8449905 37020017 d1f5428f
4051e8d0 0f00f1b9 f8d9d007 46210000 4623465a
4051e8e0 46486a07 f1ba47b8 d00a0f00 3000f8da
4051e8f0 46502200 46299200 695f4622 47b8465b

code around lr:
40525674 68c74691 b3779d08 009b1e5c eb02b975
40525684 18ce0903 f859e005 3c010005 47b85971
40525694 3d045170 daf62c00 87f0e8bd e01818ce
405256a4 8004f815 0f00f1b8 f856d011 f859ac04
405256b4 46510024 f1b847b8 46010fff 4651d005
405256c4 0201f108 fc12f7cc f8464601 3c011c04
405256d4 2c003e04 e8bddae4 e92d87f0 1e1d41f0
405256e4 4617460e dd0e9c06 e8bdb11c f7ff41f0
405256f4 5939bfbd 0e0a5930 f7c51c51 5130fa6d
40525704 3d013404 e8bdd1f5 e92d81f0 1e1d41f0
40525714 4617460e dd0f9c06 e8bdb11c f7ff41f0
40525724 5939bfa5 0e0a5930 7180f5c2 fa54f7c5
40525734 34045130 d1f43d01 81f0e8bd 434b2396
40525744 fb01214d 201c3c00 c202fb00 0380f102
40525754 2113eb03 47700a08 4ff8e92d 6804460d
40525764 68094607 68124616 4620469b ffe6f7ff



Do you really believe that you need to create 11 posts for the same problem? Please, stop spam in the forum.

Thank you
Best regards


@joseph raphael
There should be a moderation when you speak to others. (Fucking Good) is not a proper words to say here in the public forums. I'll try to hold myself and not to reply with the same or more bad words.

**** off

DarShaN PanDya

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Everything is being Observed by AppYet...
So plzZz don't post Same Stuffs again and again....
And bout that 'Fucking Good', Its irritating bcoz of ur Posts...


Everything is being Observed by AppYet...
So plzZz don't post Same Stuffs again and again....
And bout that 'Fucking Good', Its irritating bcoz of ur Posts...

I thought it might help appyet developers to prevent such errors in the future and to be aware of what's going on on the published apps. Anyway even if the app is burned i won't tell.

DarShaN PanDya

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Its not like "Anyway even if the app is burned i won't tell."
The thing is Dont Post same thing Again & Again!
And AppYet is already Observing all that stuffs... if AppYet isn't responding then it is Possible that the Errors aren't so Important to be Corrected Immediately! :)