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  1. klaster

    Rate this post

    @appyet is it possible to Let users rate or react to the articles, we'd love to see that Also a social media login and save the data (like articles on fav list, unread articles...)
  2. klaster

    Stream button problem

    @appyet I need to hide the video link
  3. klaster

    Buttons problem

    it doesn't show the download and stream buttons when the link it too long I need to hide the links forever from here
  4. klaster

    Error in the video player

    Hi again @appyet I nade an movies app but the video player doesn't work with some direct links like this one Example
  5. klaster

    How to stop the media player

    hi @appyet I got some problems in the app video player it doesn't work with long videos (more then 300mb) so I wanna stop it cuz I need the video to be opened with an external app like mx player or google chrome I don't have anything in my app except videos My app link @appyet @appyet @appyet
  6. klaster

    150Mb in one app

    my app sive is 150mb because it workin offline can u stop it please app must work online just online