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  1. Zodios

    How to add telegram channel in app❓

    Hi! How is possible to add Telegram channel (for example ) to the app like RSS-Feed ❓ I would like to make that all posts from channel display like separate cards (in app ) and make push notifications when new...
  2. Zodios

    Is it possible to enable Google Firebase App Indexing?

    Hi! Is it possible to enable in AppYet app Google Firebase App Indexing - I wish to make it possible to drive traffic from search results to app with App Indexing.
  3. Zodios

    How to remove search bar and blank screen?

    Hi! After updating my app to last AppYet build I got new interface in my app. New search bar appeared in my app. My app doesn't need search bar. How is it possible to remove search bar in top header❓ Home screen in new interface started to be blank (there are no unread topics) and useless. How...