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    iBac Romana

    Misto Aplicatie!
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    How did you create the images?
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    Another person´twitter feed

    Even if it ask your key you are adding the other person feed. For example in my app about Katy Perry i embeded her twitter, but I inserted my key. this key is needed to verify who access the twitter database for asking the tweets. You must put the other person account name into the screen name...
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    New one with great ideas!

    New one with great ideas!
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    what's the "news://"? is it used?

    Hi, everyone this is my first post. while writing the text into my what's new session of the app I tried to insert a link (successfully), but i found that there was other types of prefixes. My question now is what is "news://"? what type of protocol is it an what is used to ? thanks. sorry for...