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    web modify (remember pagination setup)

    Every time j modify the module with number >60 items j have to select 90 item view... every time Tks Massimo
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    version pro with ads

    I upgraded to the pro version but I still see the appyet advertisement in my news. The use of appyet in our case is not for a commercial purpose and our app just wants to be a free information service our union organization (non profit) Thank you Massimo
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    pro version not updated on my profile

    good morning, I made the payment after a couple of years that had expired. I made the transaction procedure with paypal but my status on "pro" was still on "expired". Can anyone help me? package name: tks massimo
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    [ SOLVED ] Android Studio Security Alert: Update to Android Studio 2.1.1 (can you help me?)

    This the text of the second email that google send to me. Can you suggest any solution? My app is build with the latest layout release (3.1.25): Dear Android Studio Developer, As an app developer on Google Play, we wanted to make you aware of an important security update for Android Studio...
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    rebuild stop my rss feed

    From 2013 I am using appyet and I never had any problems. After a few months I rebuild the new apk and at that point the rss began to no longer work although has not made any changes to the modules that launch of rss. I did not understand what has happened! Thanks (...