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    Issue I can't see ads on Application anymore

    Does anyone is facing same issues!
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    Issue Post Action Notifications Can this can be implemented?
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    Question Can this type of Sharing tool can be introduced.

    It will easy for all users to use...specially For rrs feeds
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    Issue finally admob limited my adsene Account

    and my ads are not showing on application,,,so sad to say new update cause privacy volations
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    Issue Hw to change Blooger Images to Selective Pic

    Hw to change blogger module pic... Which shown on Home
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    Slow Downloading after building Application

    App downloading speed is too after building
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    can real time database can be used? if yes how?

    kindly suggest?
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    Unable to download drive files

    Resolve this problem and also push notification are not working..... Even u have 70 % of ads are urs.. Still new interface is not useful for us
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    Hw to Add tapatalk in app???

    Is this module is for contact or support purpose!!