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  1. Narayan Vyas

    Facing problem in thumbnail after clearing cache

    I am facing problem after clearing cache. Some article's thumbnail not shows after clearing cache. Kindly check snapshots. website name - App Link - It happens with some...
  2. Narayan Vyas

    Problem in receiving notification

    Hello. I am not getting any notification when new article posted. It was working fine earlier but since last update, i received not a single notification about new articles. When i open app, new articles appeared. App link -
  3. Narayan Vyas

    problem in app notification.

    When i get new nofitaction and when i click on notification, it dosent open feed where new article available. It opens first feed of app. any solution for this? @appyet please help.
  4. Narayan Vyas

    Claim App in Mobogenie

    Please tell me how to claim own app in Mobogenie. Here is the instructions - Please tell complete method.
  5. Narayan Vyas

    Notification Icon Issue

    Notification icon issue still not got resolved. When any new article comes, notification icon not showing properly.
  6. Narayan Vyas

    Fix Image Size

    Is there any option to fix image size. I want same image size in all articles.
  7. Narayan Vyas

    Feed module problem

    My feed url is app name is com.amazing.recharge I deleted some articles in feed but it's not updating in app. It's already updated in feed.
  8. Narayan Vyas

    Recommended image size for feed module thumbnail

    Please suggest recommended image size for feed module.
  9. Narayan Vyas

    AppYet Forum Android App Request

    @appyet Please create an Android App for AppYet Forum users.
  10. Narayan Vyas

    Need some help

    1. Can we remove "Visit website" option from feed module? 2. How to change color of top bar (title bar) of each module (like com.youmobile) 3. Suggest how to create Launcher Icon. 4. Suggest some more apps like (pl2.lines.screen.maker) to take screenshots of app. 5. In new article notification...
  11. Narayan Vyas

    How to change color of top bar

    Please tell me how can i change color of top bar (title bar) like com.youmobile
  12. Narayan Vyas

    Regarding Admob Earnings

    I am new to Appyet, please tell me how Admob earnings works. I added Admob pub id to my appyet. It's state that 70% earnings will be app creator.
  13. Narayan Vyas

    Problem on uploading app to Amazon App Store

    When i upload app to amazon app store, it shows errror " Thank you for your recent submission of Amazing Recharge - Latest Recharge Offers( package: com.amazing.recharge). It requires your immediate attention due to the following reason(s): Amazing Recharge - Latest Recharge Offers does not...
  14. Narayan Vyas

    Content not refreshing after changing something in posts (like title, conten)

    When we change something in posts (in feed module) like title or content, it's not updating in app.
  15. Narayan Vyas

    Open Links in System Default Browser

    In articles, i want to open links in system's default browser (not app's default browser). Please tell me how to do that.
  16. Narayan Vyas

    How to add share option in app.

    Hello sir. I want to add share this app option to my app. Please help.