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    change settings via update

    I would like to change the sync interval of the rss feed unfortunately this is not through an update This is only possible by re-installing the app It would be better by an update, you can change that somehow?
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    send Pictures

    How can I create a form so that it is possible for users to upload a picture and send it to me by email
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    Change the feed sorting standard

    Change the feed sorting standard how can you change the feed sorting directly I use date ascending and the user must always change
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    Order Feed

    Order Feed A feed, you can manually sort them into the app Newest first is already set But I want to show from the outset Oldest First How can I do that ------- Feed sortieren Einen Feed kann man manuell in der App sortieren Neuste zuerst ist ja schon eingestellt Ich möchte aber von...
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    refresh feeds

    is it possible to update feeds it is only when I reinstall completely. Automatic refresh would be cool which is important if there is a change in an article
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    Auto cleanup longer

    can you update the Auto cleanup 365 days longer to be selected for that would be a good 4 weeks is a bit short
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    Remove ads dont work

    I paid via paypal and placed under Monetize to Remove Ads. Then I installed the new apk but the ad is still there there's a bug ask for quick help please