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    Admob mediation with facebook ads

    Is it possible to setup admob mediation with facebook audience network?
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    LATEST: AppYet v4.0.13 Released (Updated 2020-04-23)!!

    When can we expect the firebase integration ready??
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    Vulnerable JavaScript libraries Found

    Me too. Please fix it ASAP.
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    Interstitial Ads Bugged.

    @appyet - Could you please let us know if you have any update on this issue?
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    Interstitial Ads Bugged.

    @appyet - Any ETA for the fix?
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    What new feature or fixes you like to see in up coming version?

    Push Notification should open respective article in RSS feed. You can make this happen if we give some custom data with key value pair in Firebase Notification Additional Options , where key like 'title' and value like <title of the article in my app>, then once the app is opened from...
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    Interstitial Ads Bugged.

    Seeing a huge drop in revenue as well as RPM . Please fix this ASAP. We are spending huge amounts in Google Ads but still not able to get an expected return. Please prioritize this to your developers and get it fixed soon. If we are loosing money , obviously you are also loosing money in your...
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    AppYet v3.1.46 Released

    I am also facing same issue with my app. Here is my app link - @appyet Pleasefix it ASAP