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  1. beautiheart

    Feed Module problem

    Hi, how can i make images href clickable? Any idea?
  2. beautiheart

    Data Usage

    Its just me or something changed in the last versions. The same feeds are consuming more data after upgradin the app
  3. beautiheart

    How to get rid of interstitial ads

    Hi, Are there anyways to get rid of interstitial ads.
  4. beautiheart

    A feature request

    Hi, i think that it will be so helpfull if a filter option by keywords will be added to the feed module. it can help us to show only articles that doesnt contain a certain keyword for example.
  5. beautiheart

    Themes issue

    Anyone has any suggestion to solve this problem please? i didnt find anyway to change the text color
  6. beautiheart

    App Invites for Android

    Hi @appyet Could you add this new feature to the app? it will be a great idea.
  7. beautiheart

    About version 3.0

    Hi @appyet, Its possible to let us use just 3.0 features. Many users wrote negative reviews about the last version (3.1). I received also alerts on Google play developer page sayin that so many people uninstalled applications built with 3.1 platform. They all say that they have...