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    AppYet v3.1.8 Released

    Who know how work the icon notification? When come a notification on the top of smartphone the icon is circle and white not what i setted in the web, what i setted in the web is out in notification message not at top, but in the popup notification.... and is small too.... what is wrong? what is...
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    AppYet v3.1.7 Released

    The icon Notification white on lollipop will be fixed in this life?? U will impement this feature where we can save our notification image?? It isnt professional like now.... do something about this.
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    Notification Icon Issue

    But u say white image? I dont want my image white.....bit with colour
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    Notification Icon Issue

    No Joseph i updated my icon with one transparent png, and its same.... white circle.... can u upload one so i can try yours?
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    Notification Icon Issue

    This is a BIG BIG BIG BIG problem, i cant update my app, if this bug isnt fixed.... there are some work around???? I cant release new app with this bug.....
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    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    there is again the icon notification white problem on lollipop.... when it will be fixed?
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    AppYet v3.1.2/v3.1.3 Released

    Appyet there is again white icon on notify bug with lollipop, and i think u dont fixed again the double same article if change only title but not ID of post on wordpress!
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    AppYet v3.1.1 Released

    No that isnt lollipop... the icon of notification on head of phone before last versione 3.1 worked well, its icon problem.
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    AppYet v3.1.1 Released

    Another bug, after upgrade the notification icon on lollipop that is out on top of phone when a notification come in is white....
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    AppYet v3.1.1 Released

    Oh and there is a bug, that all your appyet applicaton have with wordpress .... when the title of a post is changed (but the id post is same) it insert 2 times same article, but with only title changed..... can u fix this?
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    AppYet v3.1.1 Released

    ive upgraded my version of appyet and when i click on explorer he dont show nothing....