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  1. YuWin

    The Admob ads are not displayed

    Hello, I just created my application and I do not see the ads appear. Is this normal ?
  2. YuWin

    AppYet v3.1.5 Released

    Wiko Rainbow :
  3. YuWin

    AppYet v3.1.5 Released

    People who use a smartphone "Wiko Rainbow" can not open the application. Planning a patch?
  4. YuWin

    Submenus web module ?

    Hi Appyet, I want to know if it is possible to include in the web module, 3 submenus as shown in the attached image?
  5. YuWin

    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    Good evening Appyet, One of my users does not succeed in throwing the application. He obtains every time a report of crash. Here are the information which I possess on this matter: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: at...
  6. YuWin

    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    It is good. The notifications work well but do not take into account articles non-read during the first launch. Thank you Appyet for all the work which you supply!;)
  7. YuWin

    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    During the first launch of the application, has you he an automatic notification there which has to display to inform us the presence of new articles?
  8. YuWin

    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    Yes, indeed. I understood him that having posted my message. ^^ Concerning the automatic notifications in the taskbar, that works well at the other user's? Because at my home, that does not seem to work...
  9. YuWin

    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    The application sends more notifications only informs the presence about new article.
  10. YuWin

    AppYet v3.1.4 Released

    Hello Appyet! Since this last update, when there is not an article anymore not read in a flow, the bar of the top indicates all the same that there are not read articles. Is it a bug?
  11. YuWin

    Arrangement of articles

    Would it be possible not to authorize to change the arrangement of articles in certain menus, in a next version of Appyet?
  12. YuWin

    Appyet V.2 - Web icon.

    Hello, I still use version 2 of Appyet and I have a question on its subject. In the menu of bottom, when I modify icons, only the icon "Web" does not modify. Is it normal?
  13. YuWin

    Appyet V2 - Failed

    Indeed, I notice that it is not possible any more to develop under version 2. That explains why I cannot build the application under its version 2. Thanks to all. ^^
  14. YuWin

    Appyet V2 - Failed

    Hello, I also use the version 2 of Appyet but since a few days, it is not possible anymore to build the file .apk. Is it normal?
  15. YuWin

    Looking for translators for AppYet v3.1.26/v3.1.27

    Hello, I am French, I suggest being a translator.
  16. YuWin

    Admob et Youtube ?

    Hello to all, I am French then I hope that you will understand me. I wish to know if it is authorized to post pubs of Admob if the application contains a RSS feed YouTube?