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  1. AJtheGeniuS

    AppYet v3.1.41 - v3.1.43 Released

    http links does not open in default browser even if we set it to open in default browser, it still opens in app. Only https opens in default browser.
  2. AJtheGeniuS

    Looking for volunteers to test new appyet social app

    Already sent in interest but no receipt of message was communicated.
  3. AJtheGeniuS

    AppYet v3.1.19 to v3.1.21 Released

    Same thing here. From 90,000 page views, it dropped to about 15,000. Hoping they find a solution ASAP.
  4. AJtheGeniuS

    synchronisation just Stop ! Need Help

    I think something went wrong with @appyet servers today. My app on 3.1.17 which has been perfectly ok suddenly dropped pageviews from around 90,000 to 13,000 Kindly let me know what happened. All my apps are working perfectly at the time of writing though. So i want to know if there is anything...
  5. AJtheGeniuS

    Facebook feeds don't work anymore!!

    FBRss GMT is static at about -8/12. Guess this should be the issue with you. If a page make a post around 1hour ago, FBrss might see it as 6hours ago depending on what GMT it uses for delivery. Try comparing the latest content on the page with what FBrss sees as latest page content and see if...
  6. AJtheGeniuS

    Facebook feeds don't work anymore!!

    You can always set it on or off (It doesn't affect anything) Podcaster option is for users who share podcast/music file along side their RSS feed.
  7. AJtheGeniuS

    Facebook feeds don't work anymore!!

    I suggested earlier after FB deprecation and here is the solution to all finding it hard to add it on appyet. (As I am aware of the issue) 1. Create an RSS Feed with FBRss link e.g 2. Visit...
  8. AJtheGeniuS

    AppYet v3.1.10 to v3.1.14 Released

    Use for now.
  9. AJtheGeniuS

    AppYet v3.1.10 to v3.1.14 Released

    No need to look into it. Facebook has shut it down. Not so cool, would be glad if AppYet could come up with a service where we add multiple RSS feeds to amount to one output rss feed. So whenever there is a change, it...