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    Page blocked on web view

    Sometimes when we open any web module within app browser & then go back to home page & re-click on any module ,click behaviour is blocked. Can't click any link on that page. Please see the issue.
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    Issue Feed List without images

    Host your website with wordpress. There are many free domain & hosting providers like infinityfree. You will not get image related issue in your feeds.
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    Articles with RSS does not work

    Don't add blog with your links .... Or simple go to wordpress categories & copy that particular category's link & add "/feed"
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    New module for categories

    Please give us a option to categories the feed modules or add a option to add more 'home' module .
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    Issue Play billing library version 5 or newer

    Google play is asking for billing library version 5 or newer. My new version is not uploading on play Store. Please update the app yet to billing version 5 or newer. Thanks in advance