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    many many returns of the day

    many many returns of the day
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    New Features Suggestion ( Daily Updated)

    12. Downloading Icon Remove When ever device syncing .. and download icon showing in status bar... i don't find that useful but this can be scary for 2g or 3g users ! because they will think that app is download some big data! so please remove it. Users uninstalling app :( because they will...
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    make the Group collabsable and expandable

    yes, it's very important feature :) and also want this feature in Explore
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    Menus expandable and reclosable

    i requesting to add this feature in next update,please make it fast.
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    AppYet v3.1.7 Released

    YES.. I am waiting for this option. please make make fast sub menu with same category feed and web. we really need it.