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  1. Thumbwind

    Google Play WARNING : Invalid Data safety form

    I can not solve it as it involves AppYet compiling and libraries I do not have access to. My app is still not updated in Google Play due to this issue. No reply from AppYet.
  2. Thumbwind

    Google Play WARNING : Invalid Data safety form

    Please advise how to respond to this issue in their review of the a data security issue found in apps compiled by -------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue found: Invalid Data safety form We reviewed your app’s Data safety form in Play Console and...
  3. Thumbwind

    Thumbwind - Michigan Upper Thumb Fun & Events

    ThumbWind's companion moble app to our site. Events, pictures and up to date information from our main site. Cheeseburger in Caseville, Ribstock, Mariner's Festival. We strive to find all the fun and events and yack about it. This version also aggregates events and news from various services...
  4. Thumbwind

    Please let me know your thoughts on my App: Canada News

    Looks like one I should download.
  5. Thumbwind

    Number of articles shown

    Specifically Settings >> Reading >> Syndications options [pick a number for your feed] Also choose full text to display all
  6. Thumbwind

    Images not showing in wordpress module

    Doesn’t look like anyone knows. Maybe appyet doesn’t support the feeds with graphics.