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    Hello, I would like to know if you can enter a personal SDK by paying...
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    Hi I need to talk to appyet staff, because my app needs its keystore to be updated.
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    From Android to ios Now you can

    Google has just released publicly a handy tool dedicated to all developers who are building applications for both Android and iOS called J2ObjC. This tool has been used internally for some time by Google itself and has allowed, for example, to realize the iOS version of Inbox, then proving...
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    YouTube a huge problem

    Hello I want to know from @appyet com I can solve the problem of YouTube videos since my app only uses this system and now I find myself with the app that does not work in any way after removing the module Youtube and after that YouTube began eliminate some feed, and support to some terminals, I...
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    App canceled to error

    I canceled my app by mistake, how can I retrieve it?
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    Che fine ha fatto il feed di YouTube ???
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    Questa e la mia app, creata ed elaborata con AppYet, vi ringrazio per il lavoro che state svolgendo.